Frequently Asked Questions

This is a short list of our most frequently asked questions. If you need support please use the form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How to add new account?

– Open ‘Network’ Tab.
– Tap on ‘Add Account’ button.
– Select account type from the list of supported accounts.
– Enter login and password for selected account.

How to play audio files from network storage?

– Add your network account.
– Navigate inside the folder with audio files.
– Tap on any audio file.
– This will add files from the selected folder to the player queue.

How to create playlist?

– Open ‘Playlists’ Tab.
– Tap on ‘+’ button.
– Enter Playlist name.
– Tap save button.

How to add audio files to the Playlist?

– Select Playlist you want to edit.
– Tap on ‘Edit’ button.
– Tap on ‘+’ button.
– Select audio files you want to add and press ‘Done’ button.

How to manage my files in network storage?

– Open your network storage.
– Navigate inside the folder you want to edit.
– Tap on ‘Edit’ button.
– Select files you want to manage and tap on any action button.
– Or you can edit single file by tapping on ‘…’ (more button) near it.

How to download music?

Before you can download music and play your music offline you should connect network account.
Just open ‘Network’ Tab and add your account.
Once you add network account you can download your music from the cloud.

To download music from the cloud
– Open your network storage.
– Navigate inside the folder you want to download.
– Tap on ‘Edit’ button.
– Select files you want to download and tap on ‘Download’ action button.

To download artist/playlist/album/genre for offline playback
– open Artists/Albums/Playlists/Genres Tab
– Tap ‘…’ (more) button
– Select ‘Download’ action in Popup Menu

Do you support OneDrive for Business?

Currently we only support OneDrive personal accounts.
We will implement OneDrive for Business account in next updates.

How can I Search for Music?

Before you can search for music you should connect network account.
Just open Network Tab and add your account.
Then open ‘Music Library’ Tab and add music from connected network account to database.
After tracks metadata will be loaded you can search for music.

How can I enable Sleep-Timer?

On iPhone
– Open Player Screen.
– Tap ‘…’ (More) button.
– Select Sleep Timer in Drop Down Menu.
On iPad
Tap on ‘Timer’ button in upper right corner.

How to move my Music Library to the Cloud?

– Get your Mac or PC with iTunes installed.
– Synchronize your iPhone library to iTunes on the Mac or PC.
– If you have not got an account in one of the cloud services we support, please go to their website to sign up.
– Once you got an account, download cloud service application for Mac or PC and install it.
– Follow the instructions of the cloud service on moving files to the cloud.
– Once the upload is complete, you may open Evermusic app and login to the cloud service to get access to your music collection.
– You can also connect your computer using SMB protocol and stream your music directly from your Mac/Pc.

How to fix corrupted artist and track names?

iOS supports mp3 tags in Unicode UTF-16 format. If tags are in a non-Unicode page (for example Japanese or Cyrillic) iOS cannot read it and throws garbled characters.
Evermusic supports automatically tags correction. To enable this feature just open Settings->Player and enable ‘Automatically update tags’ option.
You can also update the tags to ID3 v2.3 and convert them Unicode UTF-16 manually.
There is number of third-party mp3 editing software available under Windows and Mac, check Mp3Tag for example.

How can I enable automatic Music Library sync?

– Open ‘Settings’.
– Select ‘Music Library’ section.
– Select Sync Mode: ‘Wi-Fi Only’ or ‘Wi-Fi + Cellular Network’.
– Enable Background Sync if you want to increase synchronization speed but this may use extra battery power.
– Select the folders you wand to sync with your Music Library.
– Tap ’Start Music Library Sync’ button.

My library indexing very slow. How can I fix this?

If you want to increase speed of Music Library indexing you can enable ‘Background Sync’ in Settings – Music Library section. You can also enable ‘Metadata Reading in Background’ in Settings-Player section.

How can I delete Music Library?

– Open ‘Settings’.
– Select ‘Music Library’ section.
– Scroll to the bottom and tap ‘Delete Music Library’ button.
– This action will delete only local database and doesn’t delete any files in your cloud storage.

How Can I listen to music from my Mac/Pc?

– Enable SMB sharing on your Mac/Pc.
– Open ‘Network’ Tab.
– Tap on ‘Add Account’ button.
– Select ’SMB’ account type.
– Enter Server URL, Login, Password and press ‘Done’ button.
– You can also connect SMB share form ‘Available Shares’ section in ‘Network’ Tab.


What audio formats are supported?

For now the app supports audio formats: flac, mp3, aac, m4a, wav, aiff, m4r;

What cloud services are supported?

The most popular cloud services are supported: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, SMB, MEGA, Yandex.Disk, WebDAV.


How to download music?

Soundcast only streams legal free songs.
Soundcast uses SoundCloud® API and respects their policy.
We do not provide caching and downloading any tracks.

How to stream my music from SoundCloud to Chromecast device?

Soundcast allows you to stream your favorite tracks from SoundCloud to Google Chromecast. Use the following instruction to setup your Google Chromecast device.


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